Saturday, November 4, 2017

Idh Ryss en Belegaer

Seldom do I attempt to name anything in Sindarin. Why? Depending on what you're trying to say, the rules are quite complicated. You have to account for word origins, how each vowel changes when going from singular to plural, and special grammatical mutations. Of course, the name I had my heart set on involved quite a few special rules. "Idh Ryss en Belegaer" means "The Whispers of the Belegaer" (Idh Ryss (pl. the whispers--singular form being I Rhoss) + en (conj. of the) + Belegaer). Just in case you're wondering, Belegaer means great/mighty (beleg) sea (aear) and refers to the expansive sea west of Arda. Of course, I may have gotten my translation into Sindarin wrong. By no means do I declare myself an expert. My only guide, currently, is a small notebook that contains the Sindarin crash course my college Tolkien professor attempted to give ten years ago. If anyone can confirm or correct my attempt, please let me know!

Grammar lesson over! *wipes sweat from brow*

This is one of my favorite outfits that my Hunter wears. There are two reasons. The first being the lack of gold ornamentation in the chest armor. If you are to browse through many of the elvish skins offered, you're sure to notice how common it is having golden trims, accents, and leaves. Not having those typical designs makes for a cleaner, more soothing appearance while maintaining a simple elegance. Second, many of the blue and green dyes (my favorite colors) make a wonderful pairing with the silver of the hauberk. Too bad there's no sapphire blue would have been perfect! Ered luin blue comes close, but not close enough. Sea green, however made the perfect match for a certain pair of Summer Festival cosmetics which have been collecting dust for ages!

And what better place to model this, after finishing it, than the Belfalas Homesteads! This location on the Gondorian coastline is the inspiration for this outfit. Although this is technically the Bay of Belfalas, it reminded me of the not so far away Belegaer. In fact, this inlet spills into the Sundering Seas. Somewhere out there lies the Straight Road, a path open only to the Elves (and a few other select individuals) and traversable by special ships also built by the Elves. And at the end of that ethereal path lay Aman and Valinor, to where the Elves were called not just once, but twice by the Valar. And, as the Ages of Middle-earth continue to pass, the desire to return grows.

Shoulders: Mantle of the Summer Sea (Sea blue, Summer Festival barter reward)
Back: Cloak of the Summer Sea (White, Summer Festival barter reward)
Chest: Alliance of the Third Age Hauberk (Sea blue, Mordor Collector's Edition bundle)
Hands: Heavy Nadhin Gauntlets (Sea blue, Dol Amroth Heavy Armor Quartermaster or post-50 world drop)
Feet: Heavy Nadhin Boots (Sea blue, Dol Amroth Heavy Armor Quartermaster or post-50 world drop)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dauntless Champion

If you've been following my Twitter account in recent weeks, you may have seen the first image entered in one of the many screenshot contests held by LOTRO Family. For those on Twitter, it was a sneak peek of this combat-oriented outfit. Now I've been able to publish it here for everybody to see. I actually had this outfit tucked away for a while. Until Vol. 4, Book 8 and The Wastes had been released, I couldn't find a location that felt appropriate. By appropriate, I mean perfect. Any of the Pelennor instances could have done, but the Battle of the Morannon space was exactly what I needed.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sentinel of the Tomb Hills

My Beorning has certainly come to wear the most atypical of outfits since I made her. At first, I wasn't sure what her particular style would be. Whatever new combination of clothing I liked I had her wear. Long before I stuck to leathery wildnerness-themed gear, I tried hauberks, robes, heavy armor, and dresses. This particular ensemble was one of the earliest she'd worn...and one I hadn't replaced yet. Considering this used a combination of pieces scattered across Eriador, I wasn't exactly sure what image this would portray.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Sometimes, I feel like I'm always playing catch up in the LOTRO cosmetics blogosphere. Taking that extended break from game content from the release of U14 (Western Gondor) until U18 (The Battle of Pelennor Fields) due to feeling burned out, I missed out on the opportunity to tinker with the newest cosmetic skins as they were released. I missed out on the Osgilliath sets while that content was relevant (I rarely see the cluster run anymore), the Morgul-crest bartered Faramir sets, and, by the time I caught up story-wise, the Pelennor and Throne sets. I had logged in for that long stretch of time only to make outfits. It's only now, after a significant amount of effort, that I've gotten around to showcasing some of the spectacularly designed U19 gear from the North Ithilien/post-Pelennor quests.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ashen Wastes

As you may have noticed, I purchased the Ultimate Fan bundle for Mordor. I was doing very well resisting the call of the new and exclusive cosmetics, but as the release date grew closer, I caved and purchased it. So far, I have no regrets. Two sets of exclusive cosmetics--the Alliance and Ash Plains sets--and their respective steeds and war-steed sets, the High Elf, the Aria of the Valar (made a High Elf Captain you'll eventually meet), a housing item that takes the user deep into Mordor, and other things. The expansion content and packages haven't disappointed me yet...and neither have the landscape cosmetics! The new Mordor skins have breathed much needed life into the pool of clothing options.

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